Push/Walk-Behind Mower Service
Ackerville Lawn & Garden
3580 State Road 175
Slinger, WI

Service Description

Walk Behind Mower Tune-Up - Call for price

  • Check run quality/RPMs (if carb needs cleaning*, customer will be notified before any futher action taken by mechanic)
  • Replace spark plug(s)
  • Check/Replace air filter
  • Inspect fuel lines and fuel filter
  • Change oil and filter
  • Grease lube points
  • Check belts and inner pulleys
  • Clean cooling fins
  • Check and adjust valves (OHV engines only)
  • Clean underside of mower
  • Check charging system (electric start models only)
*The carb cleaning would cost between $40-80 plus parts, depending on the model.

Blade sharpening and balancing - $10 each per blade.

Walk Behind Mower Oil Change - Call for price

  • Change oil
  • Check air filter

Blade sharpening and balancing - $10 each blade